A Mutual Fund is an open end investment company registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in which the investible cash of numerous investors are pooled in a specific fund ("fund") with the aim of achieving a specific investment objective. The Fund is NOT a DEPOSIT product and is not an obligation of, or guaranteed, or insured by the Fund Manager, and is not insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC). Due to the nature of the investments, yield and potential yields cannot be guaranteed. Historical performance, when presented, is purely for reference purposes and is not a guarantee of future results.

Mutual Funds

ALFM Mutual Funds have six different fund types that meet various investment objectives. Investors can create their own diversified investment portfolio by investing in several funds with varying amounts depending on their tolerance for investment risk. For the appropriate mix that is suitable to you, you may contact your Mutual Funds Sales Agent who is prepared to advise you on the benefits, risks, and features of mutual funds investing.