Crunches to Riches: Physical and Financial Fitness Go Hand-in-Hand in The Latest ALFM F.I.T.

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ALFM Mutual Funds by BPI Investment Mgt. Inc. (BIMI) has released its latest webisode of ALFM F.I.T. – Financial Independence Talks featuring guest speaker, Enzo Bonoan, an athlete, fitness coach, and an entrepreneur, talking about two themes he is passionate about: physical and financial fitness.

Enzo, whose top priorities are spending time with his family and keeping physically fit, believes that “with fitness and financial wellness, we’ll be able to live better and happier lives”.

On top of his tips on investing and keeping fit without breaking the bank, here are the four key takeaways from his talk:

  • Identify your goals

Setting short-term and long-term goals keep you motivated and help you prioritize essential things in life.

  • Track your monthly expenses

Monitoring your expenses will help you understand your spending habits and help you create a strategy for getting out of debt.

  • Keep physically and financially fit

Managing your finances and physical fitness takes consistent effort and discipline. Being physically fit lessens the risk of illness while being financially fit improves your quality of life. 

  • Find a mentor

Get a mentor who can guide and simplify your financial and fitness journey. It will help you skip the guesswork and save money.

This was followed by BIMI’s very own mutual fund advisor, Krizsa Lee, who then shared with the viewers a gameplan towards financial freedom with the help of ALFM Mutual Funds.

With this, ALFM F.I.T. has shown that the components of physical fitness, namely: disciplined effort, appropriate tools/equipment, and a reliable guide, are similar to what will make one’s financial wellness journey successful as well.

The recording of our latest webinar is available for a limited time in our Facebook page, ALFM Mutual Funds.


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